Clinical Services


Clinical Psychotherapy / Counseling is talk therapy carefully designed to resolve clients’ specific mental health concerns, develop healthy responses and strategies, acquire insight into dysfunctional patterns, and/or redefine one’s perspective or trajectory.

Face-to-face treatment and talk therapy have been proven to be effective for helping people with a variety of mental disorders. In most cases, it is more helpful than antidepressants alone. Of course, you should always check with your doctor or psychiatrist before starting or stopping any medication.The more severe the mental health condition is, the more likely in-person therapy is necessary. Online-only therapy might not be enough to help people with serious mental illnesses and those with significant symptoms related to depression and anxiety.If you’re in crisis, you need an immediate response. You may not be able to wait for a text from your therapist. Moreover, the mental health professional might not be able to identify your level of desperation from afar.From the therapist’s point of view, they could keep a client in the office if they suspected that the individual was a danger to themselves. With remote therapy, they’re not always able to confirm the whereabouts of an at-risk individual.Some therapists do better with in-person rather than online therapy. If they are used to sitting with their clients in person, they may read the individual’s energy differently than they would if they were separated by a screen.If you choose online therapy, it’s important to make sure that your therapist is comfortable with the format. Building a trusting, dependable relationship between a mental health professional and a client might require some face-to-face interaction.

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