Associate career accelerator program

We have built a leading career growth program for developing clinical, organizational and the business skills while you works towards the licensure. The best part -- it's FREE!

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training program

Whats included

  • Supervison

    Our supervisors are experienced, compassionate and available to support you when you need the most.

  • Marketing coaching

    Our marketing coaching program helps you build a solid foundation for building your private practice.

  • Clinical trainings

    We offer robust trainings to grow your clinical skills.

  • Your schedule

    Choose the schedule that works best for you. Take unlimited holidays/PTO.

Mosaic advantage

Industry leading pay, exposure and mentorship.

Support & Mentorship

Our team is available to support and grow your career.

Get paid within 3 days

Receive payment for the sessions quickly. Track activities and payments from multiple companies in a single place.

Diverse clients

Work with a variety of clients across different specialties to gain a breadth of experience.

Choose your clients

We match you with the clients that you are most comfortable working with.